The Art of Dying (A Journey Into Stillness) is not a narrative in the conventional sense but rather a Kaleidoscope of fragments: autobiographical notes, short stories, musings, essays, prose poems, poems, and fairy tales as a living document that will grow with time and reach its conclusion with my perfection of the Art.

While you can (and probably should) start reading this at any place and proceed in any direction from there, it might be a little helpful to approach this Kaleidoscope in the sequence that these fragments are presented on the "The Art of Dying" index page (see menu above); if for no other reason than that I give a fairly good explanation, background, etc. of things and people the first time they appear. That said, my goal is that you should be able to jump in anywhere and swim either up-, or down-, or side-stream from there.

Someone once asked Thelonious Monk, "What is the purpose of life?" He answered, “To die.”

“Surely,” the someone protested, “there is much to do between life and death.”

“You asked me a question,” said Monk. “That's the answer.”